​​​Virtual Fitness Class Schedule

08/02 @6:15pm Cardio Blast

08/03 @5:45pm HITT Leg/Glute X

08/05 @5:45pm Full-Body III

08/07 @9am Weekend Burn

Weights, Yoga Mat, Chair can be used but not required!

Zoom ID/Password required to Login! 


On-Site Fitness Classes

(Location: Indian Land, SC)

08/02 @5:40AM Cardio Blast

  08/03 @5:40AM & 6:35PM HITT Leg

08/05 @5:40AM & 6:35PM Full Body X

08/07 @8AM Boot Camp

I Imagine Fitness & Wellness, Group Fitness Classes

Welcome to I Imagine Fitness! Due to the COVID-19 and as a safety measure we are now offering "LIVE" Virtual Fitness Classes weekly to keep our clients moving!

If you are interested in attending these classes please email us at info@imaginemefit.com


Things needed to participate:

Access to Zoom through a computer/mobile device

No equipment necessary for at home workouts(weights, yoga mat, and chair can be used if desired)

*** Now offering personal virtual one-on one training!

Great for those who like to set their own schedule, you need modifications due to injury's, or would like a program designed just for you (Personal Training for Ages 10 &UP)

9949 Charlotte Hwy

Fort Mill, SC 29707